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i’ve wanted this 99c plus tax shirt for years

im going to make a few for my winter clothing line, like 20 longsleeves… 
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Young Tyra Banks 

"Depression is a chemical imbalance".
No, fuck that.

Depression is struggling to get out of bed each morning.
Depression is the voice in your head telling you you aren’t good enough.
Depression is the inability to perform even the simplest of tasks.
Depression is not being able to feel any highs or lows, just a constant state of numbness.
Depression is inability to find meaning or enjoyment in anything you do.
Depression faking how you feel every day just to make other people believe that you are ok,
When you’re not.

So don’t tell me that depression is just a “chemical imbalance,”
Because it has taken my life away from me.

(via self—-conclusion)

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As much as I want to forget you.. I can’t. We were best friends, how can I forget someone that had such an impact on my life for years?
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